Fearless Pictures is my public web home. These days I am a writer, photographer, sound recordist and filmmaker. I found my way here via many diverse paths over the years, including university student, mechanical engineer, rally navigator, world traveller, operating theatre orderly, Mediterranean fisherman, irrigation engineer, childcare centre manager, husband, father, house restorer and environmental engineering student.

This website is dedicated to what I do now. What the future holds, I have no idea at all.

Since 2005 I have used writing, photography and filmmaking as complementary ways of telling human stories. My preferred genre is dramatic fiction and personal documentary. I have written many short stories and am currently working on several short screenplays and films, a proposed TV series, an historical documentary and a literary novel set in 70’s Greece. Through story and image, I strive to reveal my subjects’ unique, human grace, and shape their stories to be compelling and inspiring. I search for unusual, moving, paradoxical and ironic subjects, and enjoy the challenge of presenting them authentically, via words and images.

The many generous friends I have met on this current adventure have guided me by example,  to discover the limitless joys of collaboration. I am fortunate indeed to be surrounded by other caring people who nurture their own identities by what they do, by their creative efforts, by inspiring others and by sharing their skills to help others realize common and collective visions.

The site is currently under construction and the menus are still being designed. Only my contributions to some previous exhibitions and a few videos have been displayed.

Bernard Peasley

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